Psalms 29:2 challenges us to “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”  The worship of God is an expression of reverence to God who made us.  Innate within human beings is the desire for worship.  The worship of God is a natural and relational response to God.  Free and expressive worship is encouraged, but must not be orchestrated.  In worship, God is an audience of one.  All others are must be reminded that we have been invited into a participatory giving of glory due to the name of our God.   Our worship must be genuine and as prompted by each individual's desire to live by example what God has asked us to do.

While worship of God can take place outside the confines of where the called out believers of God meet, we are encouraged to worship God in the company of others.  Though worship involves a giving to God, those who participate in worship depart with meaningfully enriched lives.